2012 KDC Catfish Derby Results
Held August 11th & 12th

Channel Catfish

1st Place and $528.00 in winnings goes to
Jeremy Bryant
with a 20lb. 1oz. Channel Catfish

2nd Place and $317.00 in winnings goes to
Jim Archambault
with a 15lb. 11oz. Channel Catfish

3rd Place and $211.00 in winnings goes to
Fred Nitek
with a 13lb. 14oz. Channel Catfish

The following receive a $20 Gift Certificate to the Windlass.

4th Place goes to Michael Bentley - 13lb. 1oz. Channel Catfish

5th Place goes to Charlie McBride - 7lb. 4oz. Channel Catfish

6th Place goes to Pat Robinson - 1lb. 14oz. Brown Catfish

A total of 66 entries fished the contest.

Congratulations to all the winners,
and thanks go out to everyone involved!

2nd place