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KDC Fishing Report
><))'>            For February 2016           <'((><


NAME --------------------- Ed Mackin, Ed Mackin Sr

E-MAIL --------------------- Eddiemackin@yahoo.com

DATE ---------------------- 2/28/16

TIMES --------------------- 7am-10am/ 1pm-3:30pm

CONDITIONS ------------- Cold morning , warmed up too 50 with gusty winds

AREA FISHED ------------- North End


FISHING METHOD ------- Casting

BAIT/LURES USED ------- Jigs&Bobbers/ husky jerks

NOTES --------------------- Had the most unbelievable open water first day out I have ever had. Dad and I took to the usual spots to try for perch in route for there spawn. On my 5th cast got one! Perch in hand.. That was great! Just knowing they were there was awesome. Never caught fish in the open water in February. It was a first. Well after a bit we found the perch. Had several perch most young males. Had 2 perch on one lure. Bite was hot! By mid morning it slowed up. We went home for lunch. Headed back out at 1pm in a friends boat. Wind kicked up. Headed into the shallows were we fished earlier in the morning, resulted in very few fish(2perch,2pickeral). Headed into a some docks out of the wind. We worked the area and found the crappie. What a day we thought! Perch and crappie?! Super excited.. Well after we figured them out we really beat up on the crappie. End of the day we brought home our limits of crappie and 7 big yellow perch.





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