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KDC Fishing Report
><))'>            For March 2017           <'((><


NAME --------------------- Arty Huttemeyer

E-MAIL --------------------- gatorneta@gmail.com

DATE ---------------------- 03/25/2017

TIMES --------------------- 11 AM until 5 PM

CONDITIONS ------------- Cloudy, Chilly

AREA FISHED ------------- Several spots on the Lake

WATER TEMPERATURE-- 38 to 41 degrees

FISHING METHOD ------- Bait and bobber

BAIT/LURES USED ------- Fathead minnows from Laurie at Dow's Bait and Boat

NOTES --------------------- My CPA loves fishing as much as I do so I made a deal. He does my taxes and I will take him fishing and get him enough fish to make soup for his church. I think we succeeded, as you can see from the pictures. His 12 year old son William caught his biggest fish ever and that to me makes it all worth sitting in a boat freezing your butts off. William was so happy and proud of his pickerel. We ended up with over 65 fish total. Releasing most to continue spawning. The pan-fish bite is on if you want to get out for some serious fun. Make sure to stop at Dow's and say Hi to Laurie. She always has the freshest and best bait. She also can steer you in the right direction where to catch the fish, and if needed she rents boats.






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