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KDC Fishing Report
><))'>            For February/March 2020           <'((><

NAME --- alex ICEBADGER stockton
E-MAIL --- alexstockton251@yahoo.com
DATE --- 3/11/20
TIMES --- 4pm till 7:30pm
CONDITIONS --- cloudy with light winds
AREA FISHED --- brady bridge
FISHING METHOD --- jig-n-bobber
BAIT/LURES USED --- mini mite jig
NOTES ---  I fished the brady bridge area today to see if the crappies were hitting. The last couple of days has been real slow. the only fish that i was getting there were slime darts. the lake has to warm up a bit and the fishing should get better. today i caught 27 crappie and one perch. The fish wanted the super slow roll retrieve with the jig about 18 to 22" under the bobber. sometimes you can use the shimmy action with the slow roll and that will help get them into the mood to play nice. the biggest crappie today was 13" and the perch was 11"


NAME --- alex ICEBADGER stockton
E-MAIL --- alexstockton251@yahoo.com
DATE --- 2/12/20
TIMES --- 12:30pm till 4:30pm
CONDITIONS --- partly cloudy
AREA FISHED --- air castle/henderson cove
WATER TEMPERATURE-- about 34 degrees
FISHING METHOD --- casting/vertical jigging
BAIT/LURES USED --- 1/8 oz fin-s style jigs
NOTES ---  I went out the last two days 2-11-20 and 2-12-20 in the northwood section of the cong to see if the perch and crappies were playing nice. I started in about 8' to 10' range along the weed lines. I marked fish but they would only follow the offering a short distance off the bottom only to loose interest and go back down so i went into the 4' to 6' range into the weeds and had to find pockets to fish in the fish were playing nice there and on the first day i ended up catching 17 perch ranging from 6" to 11" i kept 6 for the table all six were 11". Some of them were caught with the vertical presentation and the others with the casting presentation. I had to use a slow retrieve with a shimmy like motion to get them to take my offering. Day two i started at air castle area the wind was a bit of a problem. I marked some fish but they wanted nothing to do with my offering so i went over to the raccoon island ferry area and did not see anything so back to henderson cove where it all started and found the perch willing to cooperate. I landed 7 perch with a jig-n-bobber method three and a half feet under the float. Slow roll with a twitch did the trick. Day #2 was colder than the first day and that might of had something to do with the slower action. this winter was a joke and the lake will warm up a bit faster this year so spool up those reels and get ready for the crappie season it should be good because the fish did not get beat up from the ice fishing pressure.


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