KDC Junior Derby and Handicapped Outing
Held 6/10/00 at Mt. Arlington Pond

     The weather and the club stocked trout cooperated well this year at the Knee Deep Club's Annual Junior Derby and Chuck Frith Memorial Handicapped Outing. The sun shined as the trout bit! This year the club memorialized the event for the man, Chuck Frith, that has made the event a regular outing by arranging for donations that help cover the expenses of the function. Although Chuck is no longer with us the event will go on in his memory and the memorial can be seen at the Mount Arlington Pond.
    The Junior Derby first place trophy was won by Elizabeth Tourinsky with a 1lb.7oz trout. Second place was won by Tom Williamson with a 1lb.6oz. trout. Third place was mistakenly given to Billy Scala with a 1lb.2oz. trout. He will be the fourth place winner and third place will be given to William Landrum with a 1lb. 4oz. trout


The Memorial Service


Junior Derby Contestants


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The Handicapped Outing