Held October 14th & 15th

HYBRID STRIPED BASS 1ST Paul Avenius 4lb. 4oz. 5
2ND Matt Scanlon 3lb. 4oz. 3
3RD Joe Welsh 2lb. 13oz. 2
TROUT (ALL SPECIES) 1ST Shawn Aughey 1lb. 5
2ND Les Aughey 9oz. 3
3RD No Entry   2
LARGEMOUTH BASS 1ST Larry Mazalatis 3lb. 12oz. 5
2ND Dominick Sarinelli 3lb. 2oz. 3
3RD Joe Tekula 2lb. 2oz. 2
SMALLMOUTH BASS 1ST Jim Welsh 3lb. 11oz. 5
2ND Dominick Sarinelli 3lb. 3
3RD Jim Archambault 2lb. 13oz. 2
PICKEREL 1ST Kevin Dempsey 3lb. 5oz. 5
2ND Joe Welsh 3lb. 4oz. 3
3RD Larry Mazalatis 3lb. 2oz. 2
WALLEYE 1ST Joe Welsh 5lb. 10oz. 5
2ND Harold Mabee 4lb. 5oz. 3
3RD Joe Dunn 4lb. 3oz. 2
CATFISH 1ST Dominick Sarinelli 5lb. 8oz. 3
2ND Jim Archambault 1lb. 10oz. 2
3RD Joe Welsh 1lb. 8oz. 1
YELLOW PERCH 1ST Larry Mazalatis 14oz.(1/2" longer) 3
2ND Jim Archambault 14oz. 2
3RD Harold Mabee 12oz. 1
WHITE PERCH 1ST Joe DeStefano 13oz. 3
2ND Matt Scanlon 8oz. 2
3RD Shaun Aughey 4oz. 1
CRAPPIE 1ST Jim Archambault 1lb. 2oz. 3
2ND Doug Enslen 1lb. 1/2oz. 2
3RD Mike Fagan 14oz. 1

Total Entries in contest: 65

Final scores:

1st Place $390 With 11 Points, Defending King Joe Welsh

2nd Place $234 With 10 Points, Larry Mazalatis

3rd Place $156 With 9 Points, Dominick Sarinelli

There was a tie for 3rd place between Dominick Sarinelli and Jim Archambault, with 9 points. The tie was broken by the largest fish, Dominick's 5lb. 8oz. channel catfish out weighed Jim's largest fish.

Congratulations to all the winners!


Joe Welsh is

King of the Lake

for the second year in a row!


The final ranking was:

Pts.  Angler
11 Joe Welsh
10 Larry Mazalatis
9   Dominick Sarinelli
9   Jim Archambault
6   Shawn Aughey
5   Paul Avenius
5   Jim Welsh
5   Kevin Dempsey
5   Matt Scanlon
4   Harold Mabee
3   Joe DeStefano
3   Les Aughey
2   Joe Dunn
2   Joe Tekula
2   Doug Enslen
1   Mike Fagan