KDC Lake Hopatcong Pickerel/Walleye Weekend Contest
held July 20-21,2002

There were 43 entries in the contest


1st Place $215.00 3lb. 9 Oz 25" David Birks of Glen Gardner

2nd Place $129.00 3lb.5Oz. 23" Joe Welsh of Lk. Hopatcong

3rd Place $86.00 3lb. 4 Oz. 24 " Adam Kasica of Lk. Hopatcong

4th Place Rapala Rd. 3lb. 4 Oz. 24 " Alex Domingues of Clifton

5th Place Tackle Bag 3lb. 25" Craig Pozsonyi of Somerset

6th Place 3Pack Lures 3lb. 23" Alex Pribula of Lk. Hopatcong



1st Place $215.00 5lb.15 Oz. 26 " Jim DiSilvestro of Hopatcong

2nd Place $129.00 4lb. 11 0z. 23" Fred Nitek of Lk. Hopatcong

3rd Place $86 4lb. 10 Oz. 23 " Jim Archambault of Hopatcong

4th Place 4lb.4 Oz. 22 " Rapala Rod William Pugsley Sr. of Lk. Hopatcong

5th Place 4lb.2 Oz. 23" Tackle Bag Bill Haase of Sparta

6th Place 4lb. 23" Rapala 3 Pack Lures Carl Platvoet of Franklin


Jim DiSilvestro's 5lb.15oz. walleye
Jim DiSilvestro's 5lb.15oz. walleye.


Thanks to all that entered and
Congratulations to the winners!