KDC Stew Lant Lake Hopatcong Challenge Results
Held June 26th and 27th

First place with 10 points - Gene Rutkoski $360

Second place with 10 points - Lou Marcucci $216

Third Place with 8 points - Edward Payne $144

First and Second Place tie breaker was by largest fish.

Rod & reel combo's donated by Ramsey Outdoor went to the anglers with the largest fish of each species, one rod per angler. If a contestant places first in more than one category they will receive the Rod and Reel Combo for their heaviest fish and the second place contestants will receive the Rod and Reel Combo in the other categories.

Rod & Reel Winners:

Striper - Edward Payne - 8lb 11oz Striper
Walleye - Gene Rutkoski - 8lb 8oz Walleye
Largemouth Bass - Howard Gibson - 4lb 1oz Largemouth Bass
Pickerel - Lou Marcucci - 2lb 13oz Pickeral
Smallmouth Bass - Frank Schweiger - 2lb 1oz Smallmouth Bass

Congratulations to all the winners!
And thanks go out to the 36 entrees in the contest!

Points Totals:
Gene Rutkoski - 10
Lou Marcucci - 10
Edward Payne - 8
Victor W Bador - 5
Howard Gibson - 5
Frank Schweiger - 3
Joe Rutkoski - 3
Fred Snedden - 2
Mike Viggiano - 2
Walter Morris - 2

    In memory of one of the Knee Deep Club's most honored Presidents, Stewart Lant, the club organized the first Stewart Lant Lake Hopatcong Challenge in 1999. Stewart G. Lant was a life-member, past president for six years and board member of the Knee Deep Club of Lake Hopatcong. He was honored in 1996 as Mr. Knee Deep. After his retirement, he worked at the Ramsey Outdoor Store in Ledgewood for 10 Years in the fishing department.