The Knee Deep Club's
1998 Members Only
"King of the Lake"
Contest Results

Gamefish Species 1st Place (5 pts) 2nd Place (3 pts) 3rd Place (2 pts)
Hydrid Striped Bass Dan Hicks 6lbs.13oz. Bill Clark 5lbs.15oz. Kevin Scanlon 5lbs.5oz.
Trout (all species) No Entries    
Largemouth Bass Barbara Byk 3lbs.13oz. Edwin Byk 2lbs.5oz. Dan Kinsey 2lbs.2oz.
Smallmouth Bass Edwin Byk 1lb.13oz. Lou Marcucci 1lb.11oz. Bill Clark 1lb.
Pickerel Tom Vanderhoof 3lbs. Edwin Byk 2lbs.15oz. Kevin Scanlon 2lbs.15oz.
Walleye Pat Lange 4lbs.8oz. Edwin Byk 3lbs.6oz. Lou Marcucci 3lbs.1oz.
Other Species 1st Place (3 pts) 2nd Place (2pts) 3rd Place (1 pt)
Catfish (all types) James E.Smith 6lbs.15oz. Jim Archambault 1lb.2oz. James P.Smith 1lb.2oz.
Crappie Pat Lange 1lb.1oz. James E.Smith 13oz. Jim Archambault 12oz.
Yellow Perch Lou Marcucci 12oz. Jim Archambault 12oz. Tom Vanderhoof 11oz.
White Perch Jim Archambault 11oz. James E.Smith 8oz. James P.Smith 8oz.
The contest had 44 entries and the final standings are;

1st Place and the new "King of the Lake" with 14 points,4 fish on the board, and $176.00 in winnings is Edwin Byk.
2nd Place with 8 points, 2 fish on the board, and $105.00 in winnings is Pat Lange.
3rd Place with 8 points, 3 fish on the board, and $70.00 in winnings is Lou Marcucci.
The tie breaker for second and third place between Pat Lange, Lou Marcucci, and Jim Archambault (all with 8 points each) was decided by the biggest fish by each member.