Held October 16th & 17th

HYBRID STRIPED BASS 1ST Joe Welsh 7lb. 10oz. 5
2ND Jim Welsh 6lb. 3oz. 3
3RD Bill Haase 5lb. 7oz. 2
LARGEMOUTH BASS 1ST Joe Welsh 2lb. 15oz. 5
2ND Tim Clancy 2lb. 4oz. 3
3RD Dominic Sarinelli 2lb. 3oz. 2
SMALLMOUTH BASS 1ST Joe Welsh 3lb. 7oz. 5
2ND Jim Welsh 1lb. 13oz. 3
3RD Mark Spinelli 1lb. 8oz. 2
PICKEREL 1ST Bill Clark 4lb. 2oz. 5
2ND Jim Archambault 3lb. 11oz. 3
3RD Dave Shapiro 2lb. 9oz. 2
WALLEYE 1ST Harold Maybe 4lb. 1oz. 5
2ND Lou Marcucci 3lb. 9oz. 3
3RD Kevin Scanlon 3lb. 5oz. 2
CATFISH 1ST David MacMurray 1lb. 9oz. 3
2ND Jim Welsh 1lb. 8oz. 2
3RD Joe Welsh 1lb. 7oz. 1
YELLOW PERCH 1ST Charlie McBride 15oz. 3
2ND Chris Faulkner 11oz. 2
3RD Don Meyers 11oz. 1
WHITE PERCH 1ST Clint Meyers 1lb. 3
2ND Jim Welsh 12oz. 2
3RD Joe Welsh 9oz. 1
CRAPPIE 1ST Jim Welsh 1lb. 2oz. 3
2ND Jim Archambault 13oz. 2
3RD Gary Bruzaud 13oz. 1

Total Entries in contest: 55

Final scores:

1st Place $220 With 17 Points, Joe Welsh of Lk. Hopatcong

2nd Place $132 With 13 Points, Jim Welsh of Newton

3rd Place $88 With 5 Points, Bill Clark of Lk. Hopatcong

There was a four way tie for 3rd place between Bill Clark, Harold Mabee, Jim Archambault, and Dom Sarinelli, all with 5 points. The tie was broken by the largest fish, Bill's 4lb. 2oz. pickerel.


Joe Welsh is

King of the Lake!