The Knee Deep Club's
Catch Corner 2011

If you are a member and would like to have your photos posted
e-mail them to Webguy as an attachment if you can or he will advise how it can be done.
All pictures posted on this page are of fish caught from Lake Hopatcong.

Chuck Wilson jr. caught this 8lb. 14oz Walleye while Perch fishing near the state park on 12/4/11.

Richard Janitschek's fish 12/31/11.

Richard Janitschek's Stripers 12/30/11.

Richard Janitschek's Kayak Striper 12/11/11.

Richard Janitschek with his 6lb 25in Walleye 12/8/11.

Dante Dimarco with 44" muskie 11/28/11.

Richard Janitscheks 4lb Jigged walleye 11/10/11.

JIm Welsh with his 36" 20lb.1oz. channel catfish 11/8/11.

Chris Pereira with hybrid striped bass 11/5/11.

Mark Modoski with his hybrid caught on 11/3. Guess-timated as "rather large".

Dante Dimarco with 42" muskie 11/2/11.

Chris Pereira caught this walleye on 10/29 during the start of the big snowstorm 27.5 inches, 8 lbs 6 oz.

Tony Farina with his 4 lbs 4 oz. smallmouth bass 10/23/11.

Dante Dimarco with 42.5" muskie 10/14/11.

Dante Dimarco with 48" muskie 10/10/11.

Arthur Huttemeyer with a couple of his fish 10/1/11.

Dante Dimarco with 40" muskie 10/4/11.

Pete Rathjens with his muskie 10/1/11.

Mark Modoski with his 4.5 lb walleye 9/18/11.

Bob Gilmore with his 23" 4 lb 6 oz walleye 9/18/11.

Lou Marcucci with his contest winning 8lb 14oz walleye 9/18/11...NICE!

Dante Dimarco with 41" muskie 9/13/11.

Kevin Dolan with his walleye 9/11/11.

Aaron Graybill with his smallmouth bass on 9/3/11.

Arthur Huttemeyer with a couple of his fish 9/2/11.

Chris Pereira with 28 inch sunrise walleye.

Chris Pereira with 25" hybrid striper 9/1/11.

Kevin Dolan with his 9lb 1oz striper 8/27/11.

Dante Dimarco with 24.75" striper 8/12/11.

Tom Facciola with his 7lb 13oz striper 7/31/11.

Tom Facciola with his striper 7/28/11.

Dante Dimarco with 25.5" walleye 7/15/11.

Tony Farina and his 9 lb 4 oz striper 7/14/11.

Chris Pereira's 15" crappie 7/7/11.

Dante Dimarco with 41" muskie 7/5/11.

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