Views On The Lake

The moon rising behind and the sun setting ahead 11/04/06.


Sunset over Raccoon Island

Vegetation Framed Sunset

Hopatcong Sunset

Dusk in July 2006.

Pictures of the lake by Kelly Salazar, thanks Kelly!

Last ice on 3/12/06.

Crack appeared from pressure ridge 3/5/6 (click pictures for videos)

Fishing limbo 2/11/06.

Waterfoul 2/11/06.

Remnants of early ice on February 4, 2006.


The Mackins jigging on 1/22/06.

Ice/Water trolling on 1/21/06.

Jim Salerno's tip-ups on 1/2/06.

These were taken on 2/20/05 after the second ice fishing contest

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