Maintaining A Diverse Fishery
SAVE THE LAKE: 2000--Update

     Finally we have some more good news to report on this very important issue. We've basically been in a holding pattern for over two months. As mentioned earlier a new draft of the bill that would form a Lake Hopatcong Commission and more importantly appropriate $3 million to fund the commission was distributed to all concerned parties in early February. The Dept of Environmental Protection expressed some concerns to Sen. Bucco and he held a meeting with their representatives and members of the Governor's Office. Since then we've been waiting for their written comments, concerns, recommendations etc. Their letter was finally received today, April 26th, and after talking to the Senator's aide today I feel very confident that we will see the bill introduced to the Senate this month and a sister bill introduced to the Assembly in the same time frame. After that it will have to go to various committees in both houses, but by using this approach, including all interested parties in the process, we should avoid any future setbacks as it goes through committees.
     As far as the DEP recommendations there wasn't anything of major concern in them. No heavy handed regulatory issues or redistribution of the proposed funding. They were concerned about what role the State Park staff and facilities would play and that will be addressed in the final draft. I think Sen. Bucco should be commended for his diligent efforts and that it would be a nice gesture if our members took the time to thank him for his efforts on behalf of the state's largest lake. His address is Senator Anthony R. Bucco, 60 Broadway, Suite 21, Denville NJ 07834 or fax him at (973) 627-0131.

Tim Clancy