More good news on the SAVE THE LAKE: 2000 campaign. We recently received the final draft of the proposed bill that will be introduced in the State Senate in mid March. The most exciting part is that this bill has adequate funding to meet all of our original goals and budgets! That means if this is approved it will not only form a Lake Commission but will have adequate funding for a building, facilities and a full time paid staff to better manage the state's largest lake. We are very optimistic that this will move through the various committees and be approved in the Senate in a timely manner. The next step is to get it approved in the State Assembly and finally signed by the Governor. If you want to help get on our E-mail mailing list by visiting our webpage at kneedeepclub.org . The next phase may require active lobbying on the club's part and this is the best way that we can get timely information out to the members.