The Knee Deep Club's
Catch Corner 2015

If you are a member and would like to have your photos posted, e-mail them to Webguy as an attachment.
All pictures posted on this page are of fish caught from Lake Hopatcong.

Duane Chapman with a 7.5 lb hybrid caught on 11/15/15.

Tony D'Alauro with his 7.1 pound striper.

Chuck Wilson sr. landed this 26" Walleye while fishing with his son on 10/14/15.

Bob Orta with his 29 inch 8 lb 3 oz walleye on 8/12/15.

Dante Dimarco with his walleye 9/12/15.

Anthony DaCosta with his 26-1/2" walleye 9/6/15.

John Fernandez with his 9lb. 4oz. contest winning cat 8/16/15.

Dante Dimarco with his muskie 8/15/15.

Dante Dimarco with his walleye 7/25/15.

Bob Smith with his 8lb 6oz hybrid striped bass 7/18/15.

Dante Dimarco with his 4th of July fish.

Ed Mackin with a 5lb 13oz largemouth bass 6/28/15.

Harvey Bank with a couple bass 6/28/15.

Patrick Mack caught this Hybrid Striper Bass on June 10, 2015, it was weighed in at 9 lbs 5 oz.

Duane Chapman's first hybrid caught late night on 6/4/15.

Dante Dimarco with muskie 5/24/15 & 5/31/15.

Mike Truglio with largemouth bass 5/16/15.

Bob Smith 7.3 6.9 stripers 5/10/15.

Striper - Andy Murphy 5/10/15.

Ed Mackin with a 9lb hybrid striped bass.

Chris Mackin with a 1lb 8oz Crappie 5/2/15

Ed Mackin with a 7lb 8oz Walleye 5/2/15.

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