The Knee Deep Club's
Catch Corner 2019

If you are a member and would like to have your photos posted, e-mail them to Avanti as an attachment.
All pictures posted on this page are of club members' fish caught from Lake Hopatcong.

5 lb 2 oz Largemouth Bass caught by Pete Rathjens 10/13/19

Catch and release Muskie caught by Dante DiMarco 9/7/19

6 lb 1 ounce White Catfish (Catfish Derby First Place) caught by Alex Stockton 8/10/19

7 1/2 lb Striper caught by Eddie Mackin 8/10/19

25" walleye caught by Dante DiMarco 7/6/19

Tiger Musky caught by Dante DiMarco 7/7/19

7.5 lb. 26" walleye caught in Landing. July 2nd by Vinchenzo.

Jeff Van Varick Algae bloom walleye 6/29/2019

Old Dog Taught new Trick.My buddy Pete ran a carp clinic today,introduced me to a new game fish.2 carp first time out. My motto "better lucky than good" Richard Pedati 6/12/19

7 lb. 9 oz. Hybrid Striper caught by Pete Pellegrino 5/17/19

6 lb. Carp caught by Pete Pellegrino 5/10/19

26 inch Hybrid Striper caught by Pete Rathjens 5/10/19

11 lb 5 oz Club Record Walleye caught by Donald Rolf 5/7/19

4 lb 2 oz Smallmouth Bass caught by Avanti 4/12/19

24.5" pickerel caught by Pete Rathjens 1/22/19.

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