The Knee Deep Club 2021
Calendar of Events

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KDC Ice Fishing Contest
January - Canceled

KDC Ice Fishing Contest
February 21, 6am - 4pm

Ice Fishing Contest Results

KDC Ice Fishing Contest
March - Canceled

KDC Trout & Pickerel Contests
Sunday, April 18 - 5am - 4 pm
Trout Contest Results

Pickerel Contest Results

KDC Panfish Challenge
Sunday, May 2 - 5am - 4 pm
Panfish Challenge Results

KDC Spring Walleye Contest
5am Saturday, May 22 thru Noon Sunday, May 23
Walleye Contest Results

Bill Clark Junior Derby and Special Needs Outing

at the Mt. Arlington Pond, 7 Mountainview Ave

KDC Stew Lant Bass Contest
Sunday, June 27 - 5am - 4pm
Stew Lant Bass Contest Results

KDC Summer Hybrid Striped Bass Contest
5am Saturday, July 10 thru Noon Sunday, July 11
Summer Striper Contest Results

Veterans on the Lake
Lee's Park

KDC Catfish Derby
6pm Saturday, August 7 thru Noon Sunday, August 8
Catfish Contest Resuts

KDC Fall Hybrid Striped Bass Contest
5am Saturday, September 18 thru Noon Sunday, September 19
Fall Hybrid Striper Contest Results

KDC Fall Walleye Contest
5am Saturday, October 2 thru Noon Sunday, October 3
Fall Walleye Contest Results

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