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KDC Fishing Report
><))'>            For February 2021           <'((><

NAME --- alex ICEBADGER stockton
E-MAIL --- alexstockton251@yahoo.com
DATE --- 2/26/21
TIMES --- 10:00 am to 5:45 pm
CONDITIONS --- clear to partly cloudy
AREA FISHED --- backside of raccoon island
FISHING METHOD --- jigging
BAIT/LURES USED --- mini ripin rap
NOTES ---  I fished the backside of raccoon island i was in 3 to 4 fow today the conditions were not that great for fishing with bluebird skies and high pressure in place but i went any way. IT WAS SLOOOOW FISHING in the early part of the day i was only able to jig up two perch and one sunnie. Then later in the day i got a slime dart. I moved to another part of that area and fished till it was almost dark i was able to jig up 2 sunnies and 6 perch. I was hoping that the crappies would hit as it was getting dark but that did not happen. With the weather not looking to good this weekend i am hoping that i can get a couple more days to play on the ice.


NAME --- alex ICEBADGER stockton
E-MAIL --- alexstockton251@yahoo.com
DATE --- 2/5/21
TIMES --- 11:00 am to 3:45 pm
CONDITIONS --- partly cloudy
AREA FISHED --- river styx area
WATER TEMPERATURE--  6" of ice with 5" of slush on top of the ice
FISHING METHOD --- jigging
BAIT/LURES USED ---  marmooska and meal worm
NOTES ---  I went out on the lake to see how things were out there and was able to fish without getting that wet in some places i was not going through the crust that was forming on the snow. the ice was 6" thick and there was about 5" of slushy snow on top. I fished in 5 fow with a marmooska jig and meal worm. I fished the jig just off the bottom above the weeds and got my first largemouth of the season it was 13" and also got three crappies,21 sunnies 1 slime dart, and 1 perch. the bass hit a w4 jiggin rap and i got all the rest on the marmooska jig. The fish would not come up off the bottom to far to hit the jigs and the weeds have not been a problem so far they are laying close to the bottom for the most part.




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