Juniors up to age 14 before Dec.31st --- CR=Club Record
Names in Yellow Qualify for NJ Skillful Angler Awards Program
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LARGEMOUTH BASS 1ST Patrick Walsh 4lbs. 2oz.
2ND Joey Williamson 3lbs. 1oz.
3RD Bill Mayfield III 2lbs.13oz.
CR 1990 Rickey Hoffman 4lbs. 8oz.
SMALLMOUTH BASS 1ST Tommy Dyson 3lbs. 9oz.
2ND Patrick Walsh 1lb. 15oz.
3RD No Entry N/A
CR 1993 Brian Favara 3lbs. 12oz.
HYBRID STRIPED BASS 1ST Gina Sandelli 7lbs. 13oz.
2ND Mitchell J.Brandon 6lbs. 7oz.
3RD Thomas Fernandez 6lbs. 4oz..
CR 1996 Thomas Williamson 8lbs. 2oz.
PICKEREL 1ST Dan Mayfield 4lb. 14oz.
2ND Mitchell J.Brandon 4lb. 7oz.
3RD Bill Mayfield III 4lbs. 3oz.
CR 1999 Dan Mayfield 4lbs. 14oz.
CHANNEL CATFISH 1ST Tommy Lange 5lbs. 11oz.
2ND Gabrielle Mancuso 2lbs. 11oz.
3RD No Entry N/A
CR 1992 Joe Binkiewicz 6lbs. 13oz.
WHITE CATFISH 1ST Eric Blohm 1lb
2ND No Entry N/A
3RD No Entry N/A
CR 1992 Scott Wood 3lbs. 1oz.
BROWN CATFISH 1ST Todd Vanderhoof 2lbs.
2ND William Crossman 1lb. 6oz.
3RD Monica Dyson 1lb. 5oz.
CR 1999 Todd Vanderhoof 2lbs.
ROCK BASS 1ST-only Shawn Aughey 8oz.
CR 1997 Joey Santillo 1lbs. 15oz.
BROWN TROUT 1ST Bill Mayfield III 1lb. 15oz.
2ND Cameron Schoit 1lb. 6oz.
3RD Jaclyn Vanderhoof 1lb. 5oz.
CR Ray Sarinelli 3lbs. 2oz.
RAINBOW TROUT 1ST Bill Mayfield III 15oz.
2ND Joseph Dunn 8oz.
3RD No Entry N/A
CR 1996 Joe Williamson 5lbs. 1oz.
BROOK TROUT 1ST Joseph Dunn 1lb. 4oz.
2ND Dylan Kolasa 13oz.
3RD No Entry N/A
CR 1996 Dawn Saltzman 2lbs. 6oz.
YELLOW PERCH 1ST Mitchell Brandon 14oz.
2ND Joe Williamson 11oz.
3RD Shawn Aughey 9oz.
CR 1991 Chris Lofton 1lbs. 12oz.
WHITE PERCH 1ST Eric Blohm 9oz.
2ND Matthew Dunn 8oz.
3RD Shaun Aughey 7oz.
CR 1993 Bobby Collins 1lbs. 9oz.
CRAPPIE 1ST Mitchell Brandon 1lb. 3oz.
2ND Bill Mayfield III 1lb.
3RD Dan Mayfield 1lb.
CR 1990 Bobby Collins 2lbs. 3oz.
WALLEYE 1ST Amy Fernandez 4lbs. 13oz.
2ND Joe Scarangello 4lbs. 12oz.
3RD John Sandelli 3lbs. 9oz.
CR 1999 Amy Fernandez 4lbs. 13oz.