Knee Deep Club


Year Long Contest Rules


1.       The contest is open to all members in good standing.  Members from the previous year will lose their good standing status if their dues are not paid by April 1. 


2.       If membership is not renewed by April 1, any and all entries by that person in the Year Long Contest shall be voided.  Only when dues have been paid and that member has been reinstated can any fish caught after being reinstated be entered into the Year Long Contest or be considered for any records.        


3.       The contest runs from January 1 through December 31.  There is no entry fee.


4.       Only fish caught in Lake Hopatcong by club members in good standing may be entered in the contest.  Fish can only be weighed in at one of the Official Club Weigh Stations. 


5.       The Official Club Weigh Stations are Dow’s Boat Rental and Lake’s End Marina.


6.       Current contest standings will be posted at the Weigh Stations and on our web site.


7.       Any fish caught which ties or breaks a club record will be retained by the Official Weigh Station until verified by the First Vice-President.  All efforts will be made to verify the fish within 24 hours.


8.       Any method of hooking fish, other than bait or lure voluntary taken by the fish, will disqualify the fish.  Participants must abide by New Jersey Fish and Wildlife Regulations.


9.       It is the responsibility of the member to ensure the entry form is properly filled out and validated by the Weigh Master.  The member retains the white copy, the yellow copy goes in the club’s box at the Weigh Station and the Weigh Station retains the pink copy.


10.   There are two divisions in this contest: a Junior Division for members under age 16 and a Senior Division for members age 16 and older.  A Junior Member who reaches age 16 after the first of the year will be included in the Junior Division for that year.  Trophies and Award Certificates with an Award Pin will be presented to all winners at the Annual Awards Night Meeting which will be held at the March membership meeting.


11.   Trophies and Award Certificates will be given for the three heaviest fish in each of the following categories: Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Hybrid Striped Bass, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout, Tiger Trout, Pickerel, Walleye and Channel Catfish.  There will only be a First Place Award for White Catfish, Brown Catfish, Yellow Perch, White Perch and Crappie in the Senior Division while the Junior Division will have First, Second and Third Place Awards in these species.  Rock Bass will have only a First Place Award in both Divisions.


12.   A member may receive only one award per species, but can qualify for awards in any and all categories of species.  Ties will be broken by length and then by which fish was weighed in first.  Any fish caught by a member during a Knee Deep Club sponsored contest will also be eligible for the Year Long Contest.  Interpretations and decisions of the Contest Committee are final.


13.   For verification of any Club Record, email