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KDC Fishing Report
><))'>            For June 2015           <'((><


NAME --------------------- Ed Mackin

E-MAIL --------------------- Eddiemackin@yahoo.com

DATE ---------------------- 6/28/15 Stew Lant Bass Contest

TIMES --------------------- 5am-12pm

CONDITIONS ------------- Overcast/Rain

AREA FISHED ------------- Great Cove/Nolan's Pt/Sister Islands


BAIT/LURES USED ------- Herring

NOTES --------------------- I had a unbelievable day!! It started out in Great Cove on a weed line anchored. Caught several smaller bass and other fish. Ran in and weighed my largest and it was 2lbs 3oz. Got a coffee and head back out around 9am. Ran to Sister Island and Nolan's looking for a smallie.. No luck. Headed back into the back of Great Cove into the docks in the marinas. After working about three full docks full of boats. I pitched my herring under the right sail boat and connected with my personal largest bass I have ever caught in the lake. Battled him out and race to the scale!! 5lb 13oZ!! Finished in first place! Unbelievable day


NAME --------------------- Andrew Murphy

E-MAIL --------------------- andrew@amurphyllc.com

DATE ---------------------- 6/20/15

TIMES --------------------- 8 AM to 4 PM

CONDITIONS ------------- sunny then pouring then overcast

AREA FISHED ------------- state park bay, henderson bay


FISHING METHOD ------- casting and trolling

BAIT/LURES USED ------- spinnerbait and herring

NOTES --------------------- Good largemouth bite in the southern lake in the morning. Fished spinnerbait. In the afternoon, caught 20" striper in Henderson Bay trolling herring. Caught several perch throughout the day. Released the bass, kept 2 perch and one crappie.


NAME --------------------- My Rowe Boat III

E-MAIL --------------------- Willmrowe@hotmail.com

DATE ---------------------- 20 jun15

TIMES --------------------- 10:30pm to 1:30am

CONDITIONS ------------- Calm winds and clear

AREA FISHED ------------- All points


FISHING METHOD ------- Top water

BAIT/LURES USED ------- Spooks

NOTES --------------------- Limited out on walleye and hybrids the night started of slow and picked up quickly as the night came to an end. All in all it was a great night of fishing with a great friend


NAME --------------------- Jim Macaluso

E-MAIL --------------------- jmacmetro@aol.com

DATE ---------------------- 06/17/15

TIMES --------------------- 8:45 am until 3:15 pm

CONDITIONS ------------- sun and clouds, winds out of the north/northeast, 5 to 10

AREA FISHED ------------- all the points


FISHING METHOD ------- anchored, drifting

BAIT/LURES USED ------- herring and night crawlers; jigs

NOTES --------------------- One of those days where you can't help but catch fish. Four really big pickerel, 23" to 25", small hybrids, a nice largemouth, a beautiful silver trout, 16-17" looking like a holdover, and assorted panfish including yellow and white perch, crappies, and some huge bluegills. All the fish released except a few panfish for dinner.


NAME --------------------- My Rowe Boat III

E-MAIL --------------------- Willmrowe@hotmail.com

DATE ---------------------- 12&13jun15

TIMES --------------------- Night time

CONDITIONS ------------- Friday night blowing and sat night calm as can be

AREA FISHED ------------- Northern part of lake shore lines


FISHING METHOD ------- Casting

BAIT/LURES USED ------- Zara spook

NOTES --------------------- Friday night started fishing around 10 pm and fished till 3 am was good had some action all on top water got 3 stripers 1 walleye with tons of hits Saturday night started fishing when the sun was going down and left around 1130 no wind at all my girlfriend Lisa hooked one giant crappie but let it go and I boated 1 walleye 1 striper 2 bass Saturday at the pound for the kids was a amazing time I wish we could have made it a little earlier but at least we got there awesome job Kdc for hosting it


NAME --------------------- Jim Salerno, Dan Neczepir and Johnny Fernandez

E-MAIL --------------------- loveme2x@optonline.net

DATE ---------------------- 6/7/15

TIMES --------------------- 5:00 - 11:00 A.M.

CONDITIONS ------------- Pleasant

AREA FISHED ------------- LHYC, Halsey, Henderson, Byram


FISHING METHOD ------- Drifting bait

BAIT/LURES USED ------- Herring

NOTES --------------------- Beautiful morning on LH. Drifted bait in areas mentioned. Alot of nice Crappie around (10), and also a few Pickerel and a decent Walleye.









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