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KDC Fishing Report
><))'>            For March 2016           <'((><


NAME --------------------- Arty Huttemeyer and Chris Pereira

E-MAIL --------------------- gatorneta@gmail.com

DATE ---------------------- 03/25/16

TIMES --------------------- 9 am until 6 pm

CONDITIONS ------------- Calm early then all hellbroke loose. Windy and Rain.

AREA FISHED ------------- Liffy Island, Cresent Cove.

FISHING METHOD ------- Casting and retrieving stop and go

BAIT/LURES USED ------- Jerk baits, jigs

NOTES --------------------- The Lake was like glass early but I had some some odds and ends to finish up. We hit the water around 9 am. The crappie bite was slow so we switched back and forth from bass to crappie. Having 2 or 3 poles set up for these types of fish paid off. We landed 36 fish between the 2 of us a mix of 2 nice bass @ 18 and 19 inches, 2 NJ Skillful Angler award crappie. 2 or 3 perch mixed in a few really nice Blue Gill also making the NJ Skillful angler award requirements. This is the time of year to get out there. Don't wait until the dog days of summer. The big trout go in the Lake this weekend. tight lines and good luck to all.


NAME --------------------- Arthur & Bam Huttemeyer

E-MAIL --------------------- gatorneta@gmail.com

DATE ---------------------- 03/15/2016

TIMES --------------------- 2 PM until 6 PM

CONDITIONS ------------- Overcast then Sun

AREA FISHED ------------- Lakes End Marina


FISHING METHOD ------- Jigs under bobbers

BAIT/LURES USED ------- Jigs

NOTES --------------------- Finally had a break from work to get out and do some pan fishing. Bam and I landed over 40 Crappie and Largemouth bass. Most of the bass were caught on Rapalas, worked slow. The Crappie bite was incredible the were even smashing the bobber at times.


NAME --------------------- My Rowe Boat

E-MAIL --------------------- Willmrowe@hotmail.com

DATE ---------------------- 11Mar16

TIMES --------------------- Afternoon

CONDITIONS ------------- 12 mph wind 68 degrees

AREA FISHED ------------- Lake End Marina


FISHING METHOD ------- Casting

BAIT/LURES USED ------- Jigs

NOTES --------------------- Plenty of fish down by lake end Marina with a mix of pickerel perch and crappie crappie were great size 12-16 inches in leanth and so were the perch either off land or on a boat everyone was catching fish almost every cast was a fish great time to take the kids and go do some fishing


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