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KDC Fishing Report
><))'>            For April 2017           <'((><


NAME --------------------- Mike Urban

E-MAIL --------------------- michaelurban@yahoo.com

DATE ---------------------- 4/29/17

TIMES --------------------- 9 AM to 1:30 PM

CONDITIONS ------------- Strong Wind entire time, some clouds about 80

AREA FISHED ------------- Brady Bridge and Halsey Island


FISHING METHOD ------- Phoebe and small Rapallas trolled

BAIT/LURES USED ------- Phoebe and small Rapallas

NOTES --------------------- Phoebe's did not produce anything but the Rapalla (black and white small) caught mostly large sun fish, white perch and no trout. By Halsey Island nice large mouth about 2 lbs and nice pickerel. Wind made it hard to fish.


NAME --------------------- Mike McIninch

E-MAIL --------------------- mmcininch@optonline.net

DATE ---------------------- 4/24/17

TIMES --------------------- 9am-3pm

CONDITIONS ------------- Overcast, No Wind

AREA FISHED ------------- All Over


FISHING METHOD ------- Trolling

BAIT/LURES USED ------- Phoebes and Rapalas

NOTES --------------------- Started at Lee's Marina and went towards Brady Bridge then Racoon Island, 1 Pickerel. Headed to State Park, to Lake's End, 0. Then About 12:00 trolled between State Park and King's Cove and had fish on every troll. Ended with over 12 pickerel, crappie, and 1 striper. No trout but a great day for first trip out.


NAME --------------------- Ed Mackin

E-MAIL --------------------- Eddiemackin@yahoo.com

DATE ---------------------- First 3 weeks of April

TIMES --------------------- Last hour of light. first 2 hours after sunset

CONDITIONS ------------- It's been nice

AREA FISHED ------------- Brady's Bridge

FISHING METHOD ------- Casting Stick baits

BAIT/LURES USED ------- Rapala, Bomber, Smithwick

NOTES --------------------- Hey Folks!! I have neglected to enter a KDC fishing report in a while. Therefor I'm going to sum up the last few weeks. The fishing is hot in the Brady Bridge area. Early April the crappie and perch were high in numbers.,by the second week the walleye and stripers had shown up. I would cast from shore the last hour of light and then the first hour or two of dark. Several walleye in the area and a occasional striper. Pushing toward the 3rd week of April the bridge area had really heated up. I've witnessed other anglers catch and release some beautiful smallmouth bass. The Walleyes at this point are a mix bag in size. The crappie are peaked at thier spawning period. Stripers are totally hit or miss. Been hitting it hard trying to put my finger on the stripers but they got the upper hand on me lol caught several nice fish so far.


NAME --------------------- Jim Salerno & Dan Neczepir

E-MAIL --------------------- Loveme2x@optonline.net

DATE ---------------------- 4/15/17

TIMES --------------------- 8:00 - 1:00

CONDITIONS ------------- Cloudy and breezy

AREA FISHED ------------- All over


FISHING METHOD ------- Trolling

BAIT/LURES USED ------- hoebes, Rapalas & assorted Hooley Gooleys

NOTES --------------------- A bit cool and breezy, but, hard work sometimes pays off. Caught a mixed bag, with 3 trout. Largest weighed in at 3 Lbs 7 Oz.


NAME --------------------- john oneill

E-MAIL --------------------- mrmuskrat1@verizon.net

DATE ---------------------- 4/10 4/11

TIMES --------------------- Morning

CONDITIONS ------------- 4/10 sunny and warm -4/11 cloudy cool and showers

AREA FISHED ------------- 4/10 Brady Bridge area - 4/11 Lakes End

WATER TEMPERATURE-- Main Lake 51 Coves 54 to 56 degrees

FISHING METHOD ------- Jigging and casting

BAIT/LURES USED ------- Rufus flies and Rapla jerk baits

NOTES --------------------- The pan fish are on the bite,Crappie and perch. A fish almost every first or 2nd cast. The water temps are at optimum for spawning. Now is the time to get young kids out to fish and get them hooked. All coves are a good bet.


NAME --------------------- Arty Huttemeyer

E-MAIL --------------------- gatorneta@gmail.com

DATE ---------------------- 04/02/2017

TIMES --------------------- 10 am until 3 pm

CONDITIONS ------------- cold

AREA FISHED ------------- Several spots on the Lake


BAIT/LURES USED ------- Jigs

NOTES --------------------- My buddy Andre has been begging me to get him some crappies. We succeeded landing over 30 with a mix of Bass all small it was like we were in a nursery. Our biggest a whopping 16 3/4 incher. Did not weigh it, actually I forgot because Andre caught and is not a member and I wanted to get this big breeder back into the lake before she was stressed. He could not buy a bite until I told him which color to try. Boom first cast his largest crappie of his life. I made him promise all big fish go back. Only keep 11 to 12 inchers to eat and a limit of 3 or 4 in my boat.







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