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KDC Fishing Report
><))'>            For June 2021           <'((><


NAME --- Arty Huttemeyer
E-MAIL --- gatorneta@gmail.com
DATE --- 05/30/21
TIMES --- 2 PM until 9:30 PM
CONDITIONS --- Windy and cold and wet.
AREA FISHED --- Byram Cove
FISHING METHOD --- Casting spinner baits for Walleye/Bass
BAIT/LURES USED --- Spinner Bait
NOTES --- Chris P. and I took his new boat The Essential out to try it out. It took a little while to get the Skunk off the boat. Chris was telling me to take off the steel leader because I would get more bites. I disagreed as always. I said I am tired of losing expensive lures to Giant Musky. I fished for about an hour with no luck then cast towards a sunken weedbed and was hung up on them I gave it a strong yank and as soon as it came free it was slammed by this monster 49 inch Musky. I have hooked many only to have them disappear with my Fly or Lure. I finally had revenge. After a 10 minute fight to the boat I yelled at Chris to grab the net. He says you're not going to believe this, I forgot the net. I tired the fish out a little more and told him he has to grab it by hand or hold the pole and I will. Every time he touched the Musky he was slapped in the face. We were both shaking from the adrenaline. After about the 4th try he had control. After a quick picture we released the Anaconda back into Lake Hopatcong.


NAME --- Jim Burke
E-MAIL --- jungle109@optonline.net
DATE --- 5/1/2021
TIMES --- 10 am
CONDITIONS --- Clear 40s
AREA FISHED --- State Park
FISHING METHOD --- off shore and dock
BAIT/LURES USED --- Herring, worms
NOTES ---  2 hours- Liam, 9 yrs 3 nice Crappies, 2 perch, 1 Pickerel, Dad and Grandpa, a few perch.(Picture in Kid's Corner)






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